Monday, May 19, 2008

american idol. :)

was watching the season marathon of American idol the whole night.
as you all know, the finalist are David Cook and David Archuleta.
David vs David.

who to support? obviously it would be David Cook for me. his voice is GREAT. totally love it. but, i wouldn't mind David Archuleta too. he's soo cutttteeeee! whatever it is, im happy with the finalist. :D i'm really excited for the final and really curious who will be the winner. heehee. :)
he's so CUTE!
i just love his hairstyle. :)
btw, im starting to hate my streamyx so much. its so freaking slow and it keeps going on and off without any reasons. :( and, i dont know why i cant sign into my msn. arghh. im feel so annoyed right now. sob.
Life is better when YOU'RE in it. :)

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