Saturday, January 5, 2008


wtf? omg? wth? urghhh! school school school. :D wat to sayyy.
on the first day of school, i was REALLY sick! terribly SICK!
i had a bad soar throat and also flu. it's so annoyingg! ==
mummy purposely went to 7eleven at 6am juz to buy strepsils for me b4 fetching my sis.
thanks mummy! and sorry! for troubling! <3
i reached skool abt 12pm. i felt so lazy. the first thing i did was, went to the dicipline room to get the pelan sekolah. HAHA! and then, plan the duty list for the prefects. we had a briefing. i had to scream dam freaking loud because they were not listening which is a BAD thing. my throat hurt so badly. sobbb. afta the briefing, i felt so MUCH relief! fuhhh. everything kina went well during lining up. i was so HAPPY! weeee! then, i went up to class and i hafta sit at the last corner! sobbb. but at least i get to sit wif my gang like SANDY! RIS! BRENDA! weee. i was really happy to see them and we were like chit chating the whole time! :DD did not study at ALL. i got my text books frm the teachers on tht day. hafta carry all of them home! pftttt! the first day wasnt realy good or bad. it's just idk how to explain. LOL. and i don't really like my class coz there were new people. i still prefer last year one. sobbb.
afta skool, i had to go for tuition! kumon. == i was late coz before tht i went to the clinic.
i finally finised my holz hws. LOL.
2nd day of school. it was worse! my sickness were even BAD! urggh. i didnt really get a gud sleep on tht day. i slept for abt 3hours only. wtf laaa! == had a first prefect meeting and it suck so badly. they were talking so much! pfttt. couldnt screamed at them coz my voice was like so bad, so i asked ruth to help. oh yeaa, thank god i sat very FAR frm shahsfiny! she keeps coming to my place and asked abt prefects!! wth? i nid privacy man! and she always come on the WRONG time. she comes when i was talking sum secrets to my gang. == y does she always appear on the wrong time?!!?! arghhhh! how annoying! i nid PEACE la! ok, whatever. forget abt her. dont want to think abt her. on tht day, we studied moral and science. i do not like my science teacher laaa. sigh. whatever la!
afta school, my mum surprised me by giving me a house phone which is gona be in my room. yayy. haha! can used it anytime. =X
then, i went to tuiton for science and sej. lol. guess wat? i reached late and i had to sit at the corner ALONE! wat is wrong wif the world la! y am i always sitting at the corner! pftt. anywayz, it was "fun" sitting alone. ==
i guess tht's all for now. CHEERS!
p.s: there will be sum official perlantikan pengwas thingy on mon. hafta say ikrar. hope it rains on tht day. =X

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