Wednesday, January 2, 2008


omg! wtf! school's tomorrow!! do u noe how freaking fast is time running!! say bye bye to sweet sweeeet holidays! gahh. i feel so lazy. LOL. well, today. it was the same old boring day, but im trying to enjoy my last day of holidays to the FULLEST! hmm, i get ready those stuff for school tomorrow, like writing my name on my books, wrapping them, changing my pencil box, putting books into my bag and sum CRAP stuff which i really do not hav any HEART to do. lalalala~~ oh yea, ive been watching too much of my lucky star and now im addicted to it! heeeheee! watch it through youtube. im at episode 17 adii! lol. and i found out tht jimmy lin is actually 30+ yrs old! wtf! he look so freaking young! lol.
wish me luck for school tomorrow. LOL. im acting lame. but i really hope it will be a GREAT starting. haha. anywayz, HAPPY BUFFDAY EE LENG! :DD tata.

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