Friday, December 21, 2007

relatives, shopping, eating. and happiness.

ive not been blogging for quite sum time. coz my realtives are here for few dayys. it was sooo ENJOYABLE and also the best days of my holidays! lalalalaa~~ its christmas eve!! btw, this blog might be quite LOOONG. lol.

my cousin is soooo CUTTTE! :)
ermm, we didnt go anywhere on the day. coz my relatives were really tired, afta driving and sitting for 3HOURS! so we juz stay home and chit chat and rest. :DD
they brought bak chicken rice ball and we ate them for lunch! yummy!
and then, my mum teached my aunts to make bluberry cheese tart. since they we're really desperate to learn. and i help out TOOO! it was really fun, baking and chit chatting wif them. heeeheeee.

and then, at night. my mum cook erm, sumthing like noodles but it's called pan mee. tried them b4? (:

woke up really early on tht dayyyy! pfft.
then, went to skool and also my sis skool to buy sum skool books. lol.
then, i checked out wat class am i in next year. and im goin 2AMANAH! yayyy! im being lame. ==
afta thet, meet my other aunt in mid valley. shopped there for like 6HOURS!! haha.ermm, i bought two pairs of pants and a shirt. HAHA! i think i hafta stop buying pants adii. im goin to buy more skirts and shorts. :DD
anyways, they're my chinese new year clothes. so i couldnt wear them now. =[
at nite, we went dinner at a chinese restaurant in menjalara. :)
sleep pretty early on tht day. coz was really tired.

i went to OU! heheh. went there wif my mum. so its like. mother and daughter shopping thing. haha! i bought my skool uniform. i actually bought 2 pairs of baju kurung. hehe. lazy to wear the normal one next year. =X i saw priya and her family there. lol. then, when we were on the way to the car park, we passed hang ten. and my mum said, "ehh! this shirt looks nice, rite? and its long sleeves. sumthing diff." then, i said, "yaya! so niice!" lol. then she said "come lets go in and try the shirt." and i tried and it was on 50% discount, so my mum bought the shirt!! yiipeee! haha. i betta stop buying clothes adii. hafta start saving my parent's money. pity them. still hafta buy my sis's skool books, uniforms, pay the skool fees, tuition fees and LOADS MORE! haiiih.

pretty? :D

oh yeaa, i was supposed to go swimming wif ellis and sandy. but we like postponed it. sigh. at first, i couldnt make it, then my mum changed her mind and allowed me to go. so, i smsed sandy and ellis to ask abt the time. and then sandy called, she said she cancelled coz of sum reasons. then we planned not to cancelled it. and because of sum reasons, we decided to go next week. hopefully i could really go.
at nite we went metro prima for dinner. we ate johnny's steamboat! lol. it was delicious. but i still prefer coca. HAHA. :D
on our way to mertro prima.
me, sis and cousin in the car.
went to sunway wif my relatives! my cousin and sis went to the theme park wif my daddy. i didnt follow them coz was too lazy. =X so, i go to the shopping mall wif my mum and aunts.
didnt buy anything coz i really wanna save my parents' money. haha. had a lunch buffet at the sunway hotel againn!! but this time it was wif my relatives frm johor. haha. the food are kina like the same. pfft.
afta eating, walk around for exercise. hahaha! and then, waited for my sis, cousin and dad. went home and had a nap. lol.
at nite, ate YONG TAU FOO! x)
me, sis and uncle. :)
me, uncle, his gf and sis! in sunway.

tht's what i did during those days wif my relatives. i would keep this as a very GREAT memory. :DD <3
(sum photos will be uploaded later.)

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