Tuesday, December 25, 2007

missing them.

well, today it's the day my relatives are goin home! sooob! bye people! have a save journey! and, its CHRISTMAS EVE! yay!.
anyways, b4 they went bak, we ate in a japanese restaurant called mizu. the food are delicious. i ate teriyaki chicken set. hehe. we ate at bangsar village. hehe.
i had tuition today. bm and maths. maths was okay and bm the teacher didnt come because he was stucked in a jam. sighhh. during bm, we waste our time by chit chatting and camwhoring. lol. this is one of the pics :
the house now is so quiet. sob. im seriously missing them. haiih. kla, gtg. will post another one tomorrow. bye bye!

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