Monday, December 31, 2007


okayy. its already 30th December and this is my 30th post. HAHA. i've just realised tht ive did not exactly blog tht much. lol. well, today, once again i went shopping wif mummy and sis. yipeee. lol.
ermm, at first, we went to ikea. coz mummy wanna check out sum cooking stuff and alarm clock.
this are one of the items tht she bought and sis was fooling around wif it. LOL.
afta tht, we went to the curve. my sis had a haircut at a shop called jean-yip where sandy cutted her rihanna-hairstyle. LOL.
this was the result. doesnt she looks so adorable? lol. i've been calling her buttercup and idk why. haha!
and thenn, we walked around the bazaar there. nth much actually. lol.
for brunch, we ate at kim gary.
my fav drink! :D
afta tht, we walked to ikano to look out sum clothes. heeeheee!
well, i didnt get any clothes though. lol
sis fooling around while mummy is trying sum clothes. lol.
and then, we went bak curve againn. coz we parked our car there.
walked around and we went into NIKE! weee!
and guess wat? i got a pair of nike shooee! yayyy! lol. the shoes were on 30% off, so it was worth it! :D it cost about rm160. :D
my new darlingg.
at nite, my family went to the desa parkcity. lol. we ate new zealand ice-cream there coz it wa son 30% off TOO! heeheee. guess who i met? i met ELLIS darlinngg!! we didnt really talked much la. but i really do miss her. =[
well, tht's all for today. bye bye! :D

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JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Omg....your new nike shoe is
so nice!!!!