Sunday, December 30, 2007


its 29th December! i cant belief tht time is passing SOO fast! say goodbye to holidays! sigh.
well, i went OU today wif my mommy and sis! heeeehee. it was pretty fun but i didnt buy anything.
shopped there for abt 7hours looking on clothes and buying groceries. HAHA!
well, i try out sum pretty clothes.
had my lunch at..
beautiful decoration.
i shared a bowl of noodle wif my sis. it taste GOOD! except there's SPRING ONION in it. YUCK! =X
shopping maniac. [padini.]
here are sum crap pics i took while mommy was on the phone. :D

afta shopping, i did the most outdated thing.
lol. i watched hairspray wif my sis. HAHA!
look how outdated am i.

the show was okayy. juz tht it had too much of singing. anywayz, dun care abt tht.

im actually listening to the soundtracks right now. LOL.

okay, thts all, people!

love, me.

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