Sunday, November 11, 2007


had loads and loads of FUN today. hehe.
woke up very early today.
went to skool. played bball wif brenda and sandy.
hehe. then jog 5 rounds in the skool field.
finally got to exercise. haha.
saw him there. so happy! teeheee! missing him now though. sob.
then, walked to bakery to buy cake for RISSARA! we bought tiramisu! yummm.
afta tht, we went to curveee. weeeee.
walked around. shopping and eating. pfft. gona be fat soon. ==
then we went to a shop and we tried clothes and again camwhore. haha. xD

afta tht we walked around the bazaar. the stuff there were so niceee. lol.

then went to starbuck. had mocha ice blended. x]

then, we stopped and again camwhore!

then, we went to a 5 star mamak. haha! and we did like crazy stuff there.

we took video of "magic show." it was so stupid but FUN!

afta spending sum time being orang bodoh, we went to sandy's hse.

we made a blog in xanga. the webbie is

drop by and watch our crazy magic show! x]

haha! wellm, i guess thts all for today. bye hunnies!

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