Monday, November 5, 2007

double S.

well, its saturday. went for prefect training at abt 7.
was really sleeepy. but its worth going.
had loads and loads of FUN there. hehe.
played some games which reminds me of childhood. teehee! kinna fun though.
got splashed by water for 3 times. thanks to shaun, kar yan and tze wei.
haha. afta tht, me and my frens camwhore. was too bored.

and we ate pizza. yum yum. lol.
then, comes the serious part. where the seniors teach us abt next year. fuhh. was really hard but hafta face it. hopefully i could do a great job. lol.
afta all those talking, we chit chat.
and went home quickly bath and jump on the bed for nap. haha!

its my sis bday celebration! and also my achievement celebration! teeehee.
went to sunway piramid. bought loads of stuff.
then ate in a japanese restaurant called zen.
the food there were soooo delicious! hehe. thanks mum and dad! hehe.
afta tht, shop again.
well, thts wat actually happen during my weekends. hehe. gtg. bye. <3

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