Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life Is Full With Surprises. :D

I had a BLAST yesterday. :DD

As you all know, it was Brenda's birthday, so Priya and I have planned to surprise her on her birthday since 2 weeks ago. To be honest, it was difficult to plan as it was our first time doing this. We had to get her mum's number, called up some other people, get a cake and a present and a lot more. Overall, I really did enjoyed planning and the result was terrific.

Soo, here's how it goes. Went over to Brenda's place at 7am. Yes yes, it was extremely early, but that's what we had to do to avoid her from waking up. Then, went into her room to give her a morning wake up call by wishing her happy birthday. After that, it was present time! I gave her my a so called handmade book which I hope she likes it and Priya gave her Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Then, we sat down, talk talk talk while watching television. At noon, a surprise guest came over with a surprise birthday cake. Brenda's maid cooked spaghetti, so that Brenda will have panjang umur and cepat kahwin. :P I had some too and it was superb! :DDDD

Cut the cake at about 3.30pm which was the time when Brenda was born on 10 July 1994. After that, we crapped while listening to music and we ended up not going to tuition. =X We watched Maid in Manhattan and had dinner at McD! :DDD Reached home at about 9.30pm.
Mr Colourful! :)

Nights. :)

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