Sunday, June 21, 2009

Everybody is so rajin blogging, but me. :O You know, I think my blogging skills and mood is fading. :( Come back to meeeeeeeeeee! So, this week was practically okay la, surprisingly. I'll summarized it as much as possible to give you guys a little updates.

Like the starting of the year, I'm trying to get used to waking up early in the morning again. It was tough for me, you know! :P Had an ice-cream date with Brenda, Ismah and Ashiqin on Wednesday. Sedap sedap! *Ismah Ismah, the ice-cream is licking! LOL.* And I had finally finished up my History and Geography projects, but now I'm currently struggling with Geography homework, Sivic and Science projects. Got 6A's and 1 stinky B for my mid-term. :( Went to school for painting and to Rissara's place yesterday. Had a jog with my mummy and sisters this morning.

Oh oh oh,
I hope you like our card. HEEE!
Off to homeworking.
Cheers! ;)

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