Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here I Go, Scream My Lungs Out And Try To Get To You!

I'm not supposed to be blogging right now. But today, I'll be blogging for benefit. Haha. Yes yes, this is so not me. Well, I got motivated and inspired by Puan Isya today. This was what she said, "Why do you guys blog about things that make your readers down? Why can't you blog more about things which are happening right now. Things which bring benefits to yourself and the readers?" This wasn't EXACTLY what she said la, but it was something like that. Okayy, to be honest I'm not really good in this kind of thing, but I guess it's worth giving it a try since I'm a big environment supporter. GO GREEN. :P
Everyday, when I am on my way home from school, I'll be passing by this so called hill which was once full with happy, green trees. Unfortunately, today all I see is a dark brown, burnt and ugly hill. Why? Because those happy, green trees where burnt some selfish people. I find it such a disgrace of them to actually have the heart to do such a thing, especially when we're going through a global warming situation. Don't they want some cool, fresh air. I mean if they don't, at least they should think about others and not being selfish, right? Do you know that every single day, I'll be sweating like some waterfall? Dah lah, I'm a very sweaty person. :( Gahhh. Somebody pleaseeee do something to stop these things. If only one day, I could be the Prime Minister, I'll stop all activities which cause pollution so that I can have clean air for my grandchildren. Chehhwahhh, suddenly so perasan already. :P Oh oh oh, I totally support Ahmad Said's poem, "The Crow." I want all the damned fools to leave the forest! =X

I gotta go already. Sooo, how did I go? Good or bad? LOL. Comment, if you want to. HEEE. Good night. Loves. :)

"I really want to hold your hands again, but it's too busy holding her's."

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