Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't Stop Believing.

Yes yes, I got over what happened last night. I know, it's so stupid of me to be mad at a lifeless person, so there I go. My normal self. :P Soooo, how am I? No, not that good. Why? Cause each of my grades are falling one by one like some bombs. They suck so much, that I didn't dare to look at the papers the 2nd time. *exaggerating* Well, actually I was forced to look at the papers over and over again to check the calculation of my marks, doing silly corrections and revising my smelly mistakes. Btwwww, me no likey intevensi cause of the stinky skema which is so sickening that it provide only 1 answer, especially for Science. Gahh. Okay, I better stop whining about my test. The past is the past. Sooooo, I've decided to do my very best on my mid-year exam which means, I may be busy with my studies and not blogging.

Guess what I did today? Projects. Yes yes, I'm currently projectfied. LOL. Yesterday, I was spending my whole time doing Seni project and today, I spend my whole time doing my Geography and History project. Practically covered 70% of them already. To be honest, I wanna try my best to finish them up by this week, so I could spend rest of my other time studying for my mid-year exams. Yes yes, what a boring life I have. Anyways, so what? It's better suffering now than later, right? :P Fuyoooo, so proud of myself lah. Suddenly so positive. Bluek!

Well, I didn't exactly do my project for 24 hours lah. Obviously, I did relax by watching "The Wedding Game" yesterday and "Bedtime Stories" today. Both movies are okay lah. Psst pssst, the Malaysian Christopher Lee banyak hot. :DDD BUT then, he banyak old already lah. :P

Well, I gotta go already. Have to rest my eyes. Have been straining my eyes on the computer for like about 4 hours due to the projects. =X Bye bye. Take care.

"It’s you. When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It’s you. "

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