Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Thought I Could Live In Your Arms.

Lalalalala. Simple Plan's album, as in the latest one is GREAT. Didn't know I've got the CD all along till I was searching for some other CD. Obviously not original one lah, but at least still can listen right? :P I know I know. It's bad, so children, don't follow me. =X

Well, just want to tell all of you out there (if you care) that I won't be blogging this often anymore cause as you can see, school's tomorrow and I'll be super busy doing projects, attending tuitions, finishing up my homework and staying back for the mural painting. So yeah, I'm gonna be as busy as a bee. Make sure don't miss me, okay? ;) I might not be going online tonight either, so this might also be my last post til I don't know when? LOL. I'll try my best to update during the weekends lah. Take care and happy schooling people! :D Loves.

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