Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'll Never Let You Go.

Here goes the pictures we took on Sunday. It's not complete though. There's still more to come but the pictures aren't with me, so to be continue lah. :P And I realized that there's so many pictures I sort of owe to this blog. I'll try to post them up when the pictures are with me lah.


editless. =X
I love this picture most. :)


The Best Friend. :D
Isn't she so adorable?
Kelsey, Sandy camwhored with it too.
Behold, the magical heart. ==
poyo lah. :P

Padi! :D

ahem ahem, wannabe Rissara GAJAH.


I took THIS! :D

Constipation! :D
The effect of ulcer.
ahhh. DOODOO DOLL! (:
Credits to Brenda. Love love love! :)

camwhorers betul.

CIAO. ;)

PS PS. They aren't in order. =X

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