Monday, March 16, 2009

By Kelsey. :D

Rules & Regulations
* Do not copy answers.
* Tag questions must be 100% same.
* Tag people before doing the tag

I tag:
1. Shermaine
2. Priya
3. Brenda
4. Rissara
5. Ismah
6. Nabilah
7. Naveena
8. Wendy
9. Leon

How do you know 1? (Shermaine)
Through friendster. ;)

What would you do if you never meet 2? (Priya)
I guess

What would you do if 3 & 4 dated? (Brenda & Rissara)
hahahaha. To tell you the truth, they're currently dating. ;P

Would 5 & 6 make a good couple? (Ismah & Nabilah)
Hahaha. Most probably. They'll get the crappiest couple award. :DD

Do you think 7 is attractive? (Naveena)
Of courseeee! :)

Would you date 8? (Wendy)
Yesh. She's currently my dating partner though. =X

Tell me something about 9. (Leon)
He studies in KB? :D

What’s 1’s favourite past time? (Shermaine)
Being with her boyfriend. Heeeeee.

What language does 2 speaks? (Priya)
ohh, macam-macam pun ada. :P

Who is 3 going out with? (Brenda)
Who else if it isn't me? :DD

How old is 4? (Rissara)
14 going to 15 on 2710. :D

When was the last time you talked to 5? (Ismah)

Who is 6’s favorite singer? (Nabilah)
aiyo, she got so many lah.

Would you date 7? (Naveena)
I don't mind. (:

Is 8 single? (Wendy)

What’s 9’s last name? (Leon)
Leon? =X

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