Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Day With Kelseyku; In A Thai Restaurant. :D

(mind my spelling)

I went over to Kelsey's place after tuition. It was a last minute thing, but it turned out to be a great afternoon/evening. Spend my day having a proper, long talk with Kelsey which means extra bond. :D It's been ages since we had those kinda of talk. Took loads of pictures as well. Mostly retarded ones, so I might not post ALL the photos. Just a handful of them cause seriously, it's bad for your eyesight. :P Basically it's more or less about it. You can have more information in Kelsey's blog and to be honest, I stole some pictures from her blog. HEE. Kelsey, I hope you wouldn't mind. And thanks alot for inviting me over. Sorry for the troubles too. =/ Btw, the previous post was just something random. :P

The fluffy thing that came out from Kelsey's bag. =X
ahhhhhh. Doodoo doll! :D

I guess a little retardness wouldn't hurt that much, right?

Cacated picture of the day. :DI like this most.
ish ish ishh.

Kelsey, the picture you wanted.

SOOO, after that I went home and took a shower. Then, my family and I headed to my aunty's place. My uncle wanted to belanja us makan, so we went lah. Free food mahh! :P We went to this Thai restaurant which explain my greeting in Thai. The food was absolutely delicious. Makan till drool everywhere. :D The service there was awesome too. Everybody was so friendly and I think all of them are orang Siam, just like my kawan. Right right? :D And as you know, with delicious food and awesome service, obviously the bill was BEAUTIFUL too. == RM450 for 7 people only. The drinks cost Rm71 and the tax was about Rm60. *faint faint faint* But, my uncle said it was okay lah, cause this kinda of thing happens once in awhile. :D Ohhh ohh ohh, at the same time, there were this Menteri Besar dining in at the restaurant as well. Just something extra. HEE.

EHHH GAJAH! Why so familiar one? I guess it look like SOMEONE from my school. :DD

Okay, I gotta go. Have to sleep. And anddd, tomorrow I've got no school. YIPEEEE! :DDD Nights!

PS. Roger Federer lost in the Australian Tournament. :(

" The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned. "

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