Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Where She Lies, Broken Inside.

hello hello hello! :D To be honest, I'm not exactly happy right now cause school's starting tomorrow. I'm half excited and half nervous. I hope it'll be a good start. Hopefully no screaming/scolding by teachers cause you know, my class is bizarre! I guess I'm gonna enjoy puas puas today. Do whatever I could though I would never be puas. I know it's bad not to be satisfied in stuff, so I gotta think positive and just enjoyyyyy! I've already done my own timetable. It's really packed. Basically it'll be waking up early, school, study & homework, relax a little, tuition, watch television, tidur early and it'll keep going on and on till after PMR. The only days I'm not having tuitions would be Tuesday and Saturday. So, I'll take opportunities to relax on these two days. I may not be able to blog that often anymore as you can see my life would be studying till PMR is over, so this MIGHT be the last proper post. Still, I'll try my best to blog when I'm free. Hopefully this blog wouldn't have spider webs in each corners and rot like anything. :P From tomorrow onwards, I shall say goodbye to most of the stuff and welcome it back after PMR. So long and farewell, I'll miss all of it! :(

Before I end this post, I would like to recommend you this show called "I Do?" from Astro On Demand. It's a Taiwanese tv series. It's soooo romantic and nice. I've been watching it since last month. You should give it a try. Of course there's still some flaws in the show lah. Nothing is perfect, right? And unfortunately, the guys who are acting in it, not that hot. Anyways, so what right? Looks doesn't matter. ;) As long as they're sweet enough then it's okay already. I mean in the show lahh. :DD The theme song is great too. Here are some pictures to catch your attention. :DDD

The main actor.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart. "

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