Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You're Like My Personal Brand Of Heroin.

Yesterday I went 1u with Priya. Went for 2 movies. One was Twilight and the other was Bolt in 3D version. :D Priya belanja the tickets. Thanks alot! :)


Twilight was GREAT. :) Edward Cullen is so sweeeeeeet. Anyways, why Gaspard Ulliel wasn't chosen as Edward Cullen? I think Edward Cullen would be much better if he is Gaspard Ulliel. =X People say that the book is much better, so I seriously gotta read it ASAP! Lalalalala.


Bolt was great too. Watched it in 3D version, so it's something different and interesting. HEE.

I'm satisfied. :DDDD

Sooo, today was just a normal day for me. Spend 3 hours cleaning my room. Gahhh. It was so tiring, but I'm happy that I managed to clean it. Ciao. :)

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