Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'M BACK AGAIN. LOL. And finally, I decided to blog about what I've done last week. :P

Stayed home with my sisters and cousins. Had McD for lunch. Delivery. Heee. Didn't go anywhere. Watched Bones and onlined.

His cheekyness.awww.

It was my GRANDMA'S BIRTHDAY! weeeee. Went to Mid Valley. There was this mega sale there, so I bought like about 5 clothes. It's really worth it. Lalalalala. I also bought 3 Cecelia Ahern's book. :D Went home after lunch. At about 6.00pm, went to a restaurant to celebrate my grandma's birthday. My mum ordered like damn a lot of food, but didn't managed to finish them, so ta pau them back. After that, went to Sunway Pyramid to jalan-jalan. They've already set up the decoration outside, it is so beautiful. :) Then, we went home at about 9.00pm to cut cake and sing song. HAHA. It was really fun. We sang 3 version of Happy Birthday. In English, Mandarin and Malay. :P

The father and daughters.
Happy birthday, popo. :DMe love them.Yes yes, a doink.Random much.Daddy forced us to take this picture. LOL.Shyness? :P

Went to a temple. It is BIG and beautiful. We spend about 2 hours there. Did some prayers as well. After that, went to the Curve to jalan-jalan. Got myself some a shirt, skirt and pants. Heee. My relatives went home at about 3.00pm.



Went to Sungai Wang with my mum, sisters and aunty to get some foot ware for the photo shoot. We didn't want to go there, but we had to cause the stuff there are so called cheap. At the end, I managed to get myself a white ballerina flats and it costs Rm50. == After that, went to 1u. weeeeeee. We shopped for like 9 hours. Can you imagine that? LOL.

Went to Brenda's house. For more details, you can visit either Priya's or Brenda's blog. I'm really lazy to blog about it. Anyways, it will be same thing, right? :P

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