Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Day After Exam.

weeeeeeeeeee. :D
I gotta admit I've been a real pig today. Woke up at 10.30am. Took a very loooooong shower. No longer need to rush for time to study anymore. HAHA. I watched Charlotte's Web on HBO halfway then I stopped cause wanna watch the Hong Kong drama. Will continue watching it though, cause I have the DVD. Then, I watched 3 episodes of the Hong Kong drama which I have missed during the exam week. After the Hong Kong drama, I watched Stomp The Yard. Real nice show. :) Chris Brown was in it, but it was just for a few minutes cause he got shot. Gahhhhh. Why laaaa. :( Ne-Yo was in it too.


After spending hours watching the television, I did my Kumon homework. Anyways, did I tell you that I actually pass my level K test? heeheee. I'm so happpppyyyy. Currently doing level L now. :DDDD Well, after doing my Kumon, I cleaned my hamster's cage. It was so stinky and dirty. Felt much more better after cleaning it.

At seven, went to Kumon. Got invited to this Potential Completer Club thingy which will be on the 8th in BSD club. Sadly, I wouldn't be able to make it cause I'm gonna balik kampung. =/ Before this, I was invited to this ASHR Ceremony thing in Berjaya Time Square, but I didn't attend it too cause it was on the exam week. :( I feel so bad for turning my teacher down.

nanipupu! :P

Honestly, I'm missing school right now. Not the part where we have to study. I missed the part where I go ding dong with my friends and the worst thing is, it's only the first day after exam. I'm really looking forward for Tuesday to come.

hahahahah. GAJAH. =XSejarah. ==Morning sunshine.


I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
Ill cross the stream
I have a dream

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