Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, the MAIN reason why I didn't blog yesterday was stated there so clearly in my previous blog and the other one was I've got nothing to talk about. Yea, I know. First time. Anyways, after posting that blog, I straight away offed my computer and lay down on my bed. Couldn't sleep. Tried so many ways to get myself asleep like reading SEJARAH textbook, listening to music and bla, but sadly I failed. So, what I did was just daydream nightdream. Had been thinking alot again. Made a few decisions and plans for myself. I would like to share a few here.

So yea, here it goes. It's lame, but whatever la. I decided to socialize more with those people whom I'm not close with. Meet new people and everything. I decided to pay more attention and focus more on my studies since my end-year exams is getting nearer and I hope I'll be able to achieve my big dreams and strike it off. :P I decided to live and enjoy my life to the fullest especially with my family. I decided not to give a damn on what people think or said about me. I decided to sleep at least 8 hours a day. I decided to exercise more and take in less sugar. (I've already mention this in my other post. :P) I decided to not think much about the future and just live life just the way it is. I decided to think more positive and look at the bright side. I decided to wait for things to come and take them slowly. I decided to not stress myself too much. I decided to laugh more than emoing. Fuh. Damn loads of decisions wey. Hopefully I could actually follow all these. =X Anyways, I'll try my very best to lah.

I found out that Christiano Ronaldo was gaying with Wayne Rooney. It was some kind of gossip la, wasn't proven true YET. Ismah told me she got it from youtube. To people who loves Christiano Ronaldo, TAKE THAT! :P Ashiqin didn't come to school today cause she woke up late. Missed her DOHH. LOL. Was sort of different without you. :( And and, today I saw RICHARD! Gahhh. So happy! ;DD

Before I go, I wanna inform all of you here that I might not be able to blog/online that often due to my busyness and my exams. I think it'll be at the end of October. Decided to make an early preparation for it. Well, I might just be saying it now, but not doing it. So, that depends la. But I hope I'll be able make it. Bye bye. xoxo.

Could you be with him?
Or was it just a lie?
He doesn't catch you like I do
And you don't know why
You change your clothes and your hair
But I can't change your mind
Oh, I'm uninvited
So unrequited now

I'm learning to fall
I can't hardly breathe
When I'm going down don't worry about me
Don't try this at home
You said you don't see
I don't want to know that you know, it should have been me

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