Sunday, September 21, 2008

21st September 2008. =/

So, today me and my family had a birthday celebration with my uncle. Like I said in my previous he's already 50 years old. *salute.* Woke up at 9.30am. Get ready and headed to Mid Valley with my mummy and sisters. Had breakfast in Kim Gary. I had a french toast and a cup of fruit milk. Then, walked around. Decided to buy a golf t-shirt for my uncle. Not cheap weyyy. But luckily it was on sale. Then, bought a cake from bread talk. :) A lady was like ambil 50 candles! We got a shock and all we did was stared at her. And she was like, I'm just joking. Another guy was like, lebih baik bagi satu kotak la. LOL. I didn't get myself anything. Mummy said I had enough. =/

Then, went to my uncle's house. It was a surprise for him cause he didn't knew anything about it. Gave him a handmade card as well as the t-shirt to him. Sang happy birthday. It was fun cause we were singing out loud. And when I say is loud, its freaking loud. :D Then, he blew the candles and cut the cake. The cake was delicious. Yummy. We started chit chatting and bla. Guess what? Out of no where, I started tearing. How embarrassing was that. Tearing in front of my family members. The reason was something to do with yesterday. Part of it. The other part of it was something else. It was something meaningful which I really couldn't let go. I really thought I'll be okay and I'll be strong, but I realized all this while, it's been getting worst. It's really hard. Nowadays, I've been advising and telling people "Look at the bright. Think positive. Everything will be alright. Just live life the way it is. Let fate decides." But why can't I be or think that way too? So, I guess after all, I'm not a good adviser. =/ Everything just seems and feel so different right now. Anyways, I felt so much better after letting it out. According to my aunt, hormones are just attacking me. As for my mum, she said you're a teenager. Life is like this. So, I guess everyone had or have to go through all these. It's time that only matters.

They forgot the th.Uncle got champion. :)My share. :)

Right here, I would like to apologize to my uncle, auntie and mummy for ruining your mood this afternoon. I'm really sorry. And also, I would like to thank all of you for listening and advising me this afternoon. I really appreciate it and I'm glad I have you people as my family. :)

After that, I went home and took a nap. At about 5.00pm, I went to 1utama to have dinner with my uncle and aunty. The continuation of the birthday celebration. Dined in at Vietnam Kitchen. We ordered the set which contains 7 dishes. It was soooo freaking delicious and worth it Seriously. Highly recommended by me. :) I kept giving compliments to almost each and every dishes. I kept saying so sedap, so delicious out loud till the waitress who were serving us laughed. Hopefully those people sitting at the next table didn't hear what I said. =X There was this part, my mum was asking the waitress when will the promotion end. And the waitress answered, until market finish the crabs. LMAO. The waitress was so funny, friendly and nice as well. :D I'm happy with the service there. After dinner, walked around. Bumped into a few Malurians. Had Baskin Robins for dessert. Yummmmy. I had a mint chocolate chip. weeeee.

Pretty lights.Birthday boy man. :DEmpty.
The funny, friendly and nice waitress. :DDDSEDAP! x)

Oh by the way, something funny happened when I was on my way to toilet. There was this little boy, he said he wants sushi. And then, the dad brought him to the toilet and asked him to go shishi. The boy was screaming and merajuk-ing saying I don't want to shishi. I want to eat sushi. LOL. I was laughing like shit inside my heart, but I controlled it. When I went out from the toilet, I couldn't take it so I told the incident to my mum and we started bursting outta of laughter and right now, I'm sharing it with you guys. :P

Left the mall at about 9.00pm. Was rushing home to watch the two episodes of Moonlight Resonance. Actually, everything was planned, but we were like about 2 minutes late cause we stopped by at 99 Speedmart to get some groceries. The drama was really good with a happy ending. Everything went well. And i think my mum is one of the directors of the drama cause she can actually predict what will happen next. Maybe cause she watches too much of Hong Kong dramas already. LOL. I'm so gonna miss this show. Have been watching it for 2 months. Worth watching and at the same time, it makes you kan cheong and pissed. :P And and, I'm gonna miss LAM FUNG! :DD But anyways, tomorrow there will be a new drama, and not only Lam Fung is acting, RON NG as well. Can't wait. I'm actually gonna watch that drama because they're acting not because of the drama itself cause it's kinda of the old fighting drama type. There will also be another new drama called The Last One Standing and KEVIN CHENG is acting. Tripple yay! :DD

Cute. :):DDHot right?

Ron Ng. :)Raymond Lam. :)Kevin Cheng. :)Gahhhh. All mine, mine, MINE! :DDDD

I gotta go. Got smelly+stinky Geography homework which I've been talking about it since yesterday. =X Nights.

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending

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