Saturday, July 5, 2008


I would like to apologise for not updating these days again. My computer died last week on 29th June and I only got the time to update today. Sorry. Well, there's so much stuff I would like to talk about, but I'm not so sure whether I could actually remember EVERYTHING. So, I shall just go one by one.

As I said, my computer died on the 29th. The reason it died was because the motherboard was corrupted and I have to change it. And the worst part is, if I change the motherboard, I will have to change the RAM and processor too. It cost about RM450 to fix the bloody computer. Whatthefuck,right? According to that repairman, he said the computer will work faster than before but I don't think so. In fact, my USB port ain't working, so I have to plug from behind which is so troublesome. Gahhhh. My dad was complaining about it the whole day. Anyways, after sending my computer to the shop, I had my dinner with my family at One Station. The food is delicious and the price is reasonable. I had a black pepper chicken chop. It was superb. :) Ris, you were right about the shop. Good recommendation. Heehee.

Honey Milk.Black pepper chicken chop. :)

So then it was Monday till Friday. School. Gahh. More dramas again. But whatever la. And everyone was so emo this week. Brenda, Ruth, Suraj, Saresh, Me and who else? Sighhh. Oh yea, there's this new guy named Bryan Teh, he was from BSD1 and he shifted to Maluri. He is one of Priya's friend, so on his first day of school, i showed him around and introduced him to my friends. Its kind of fun having new people in my class and I'm glad he's a nice person. :) Teachers were so hyper on Friday and I don't exactly seem to understand why. Especially my KH teacher. Ashiqin and me claim that she's better like that but sort of weird cause she laugh herself. HAHAHAHA. Damn bad, right? :O


By the way, I thought changing my background colour cause its been old. Any suggestion, people? And and, I've been watching loads of one tree hill lately. Gonna finish season 2. Weeee. I'm so addicted to it. Each episode has some quotes and they actually make me think more in life. Most of the quotes are actually really true beacuse I'm going through these things.


Once again, life is so unfair. :( I don't know why, but I've been thinking a lot of stuff about life. Its so complicated. Maybe cause I'm getting mature? LOL. I've been also really into music these days. Beginning to listen to old songs which are meaningful cause they make me think a lot. Sometimes, I just wish my life is like a fairytale. Where there is a happy ending every single time. Gahhh. I realize every single time I blog, I'll talk alot about life. And I'm sorry if its annoying to all of you. Its just that I've been thinking so much these days and I feel like expressing it out.

OH YEA, its weird that nowadays me and Brenda always say the same thing at the same time. For example, like a few minutes ago, I was on the phone with her and we were like "What to do?" at the same time. Its not just the first time, but MANY. LOL. I guess its just jinx, right bread? :) And, did you read the newspaper today? There will be MEGA SALE starting from today till September. I'm so freaking excited! I seriously need to shop! Have not been buying any clothes since March. weeeee. Anyone want to go shopping with me? :)

Saw that? :DDDDSome random article which I agree.My Jinx Partner. :)

I gotta go. Got heaps of homework to do. And I didn't even start any yet. :P Bye.

Random Pictures. :)
A silly ding dong trying to fit her face into the heart. :PWhatever?Or Anything? :)Today's lunch. :)

There are two tragedies in life,
One is to loose your heart's desire,
And one is to gain it.

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