Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sorry for not updating my blog for this pass few weeks. Have been pretty busy with stuff lately. So, my life these days are kind of boring. Especially in school. Pretty sucky but whatever. It has been the same old routine EVERY SINGLE DAY except during the weekends. Wake up, watch television, homework, get ready for school, go to school, tuitions, homework and sleep. And in school, ill be busy with prefects and studies or maybe crapping with my friends especially with Brenda. :) During the weekends, I'll be at home, relaxing and homework. Didn't really go anywhere these days. And by the way, this week is the last week for my Seni teacher in afternoon session. She's going to morning session starting from next Monday. Gonna miss her really much and like Ruth said, she's the best Seni teacher. :) And and, she took my comic drawing cause she said it was touching. awwww. How sweet of her. :DDD

As for yesterday, it was the Open Day of my school. Have been busy too. Helping teachers and guiding the parents. Have to actually speak in Mandarin which is kind of hard for me cause I'm a banana. Hang out with Ruth, Shashfiny, Alagendra, Kim Choon and Suraj the whole day at the "Can I Help You" table. Actually, it was pretty fun and finally I've got to laugh my ass out since the pass few weeks. :) And as for today, didn't really go anywhere. Just had lunch in Lacasa, Max Valu. The spaghetti was superb! :DD Oh yea, this is actually to Rissara, I had pizza yesterday and I bought sushi and big apple donut today. Get that? :DD Finally got something to make you jealous. weee. :) And one more thing, my friend, Ruth made her very own blog. So, take a look at her blog which is linked at the right-side of my blog. heeheee.Homemade.Cappuccino

You will always be my baby.

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