Monday, June 2, 2008

Malacca Trip.

FINALLY, its done. Sorry for the very late post, had a very very hard time uploading all these pictures. So, i hope all of you will appreciate them. LOL. Well, I'm kind of lazy to talk about it. I'll just briefly talk about it. Well, I left my house at about 7am and there I go, off to malacca. :) It was a loooong journey. It took about 2 hours for me to reach there. Here goes the pictures. I'm too lazy to blog already. =X


Malacca River. Look how polluted is it.

BECA! :) rm40 per hour. ==
I love this picture. Credits to my uncle.
stairways to heaven? =X
Selamat Datang. :D

Mr. Ding Dong.


chocolate, anyone?

handsome eh? :)


i look so SMALL.
some sakai.

haha. i look like some freak. :P


where all those people have their meetings.


yummy chicken rice balls.
ice kacang! :DDD

check out my new boyfriend. :)

that's all for now. hope you enjoy it. bye bye.
I've got the sickness, you've got the cure.

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