Wednesday, June 4, 2008

just finish talking on the phone with my ELEPHANT, rissara. :) It reminds me of this scrap book she gave me on my birthday that i've been wanting to blog about. I know I know, its been months already, but at least i did! =X Btw, its freaking nice and touching, full with loads of happy and sad memories. Thanks a lot, RISSARA. weeeeeee.
the front cover.the intro.specially made for ME. (click on th picture to ENLARGE it.)happy times.
T-shirt for sale. :)love, love, love.
well, this isnt part of the scrap book. its a little something made from someone special with TLC. :)
it says everything in there. :)

Good night.
I've got the sickness, you've got the cure.

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