Tuesday, May 20, 2008

exams are finally officially OVER!
fuh. what a relieve! :)
lets all just say goodbye to all those stress and hello to relaxation! weee.
i'm so happy and hyper right now. :DD
there's soooo many things i would like to do during the holidays.

here is my
little list on what i would like to do during the holidays. :)
  • outings with family, kawan baiks, and old friends.
  • go back to hometown and eat those delicious FOOD!
  • finish at least 3 books.
  • watch movies that i had missed.
  • watch gossip girls, so you think you can dance and loads more.
  • exercise & skip everyday.
  • online & blog everyday.
  • tuitions, homework and revisions.

i really miss those days. :)sis drew this to make me smile.

a smiley made by me.
hahahaha. now is her turn to study! :P
kt. i used to fail in this subject. =/
LMAO.btw, to my two little sisters, good luck in your exams! bye. :)
Walking on broken glass.

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