Wednesday, April 9, 2008

presents. :DD

as usual, i promised all of u tht ill be posting abt my pressie. so, HERE it is. heeheee.
before i go further, i wanna apologize for not blogging for a very LOOOONG time. its becoz i was having some family prob which i dont feel like sharing it in public. and, during the last weekend, i wanted to blog, but i was having some problem with this blogger. so, i would like to say SORRY and hope to be forgiven. :)

first of all, i wana say thanks to my FAMILY and my FRIENDS espcially to sandy, rissara, brenda and priya for all those wishes, surprises, presents, cakes, cards, smses, calls and LOOOOADS more. u guys rock my WORLD and i really do had a wonderful bday! :D
sooo, here are the presents. :)
by ashiqin. my first present i received.
by rissara my white elephant. (she bought this frm thai) and, she made me this folio which its suppose to be for me and sandy, BUT tht SANDY the squirrel took it since her bday and didnt wanna give it to me. :(
frm both MY SIS! :D
frm sandy. (its still with her and fyi, im still waiting for it.)
frm wendy jieee jieee. :)
frm chee yoong. :D
got this for the prefect marching 1 day b4 my bday, so i counted it as my pressie too. =X
frm priya and brenda! (:JELLIES frm auntiiie! :)
presents frm my aunties and uncles. :DD
weee. :)

finally got my very own ps. i love you. :D<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">wore it on my bday :)
CHOCOLATES by the afternoon session prefect board. THANKS FOR THE SINGING though.
frm, poe kay, baldeep and vicky! heehee.
by navjit.
frm ILLAAAAA! love this sooo much! btw, she's turning fourteen this FRIDAY! heehee.

well, here are the presents tht i gave away. :)

for priya. :DFOR SANDY! :)

for ashiqin and edric! :DD sorry they're wrapped.

that's what ive got this year. my bday do pass very fast and i kina wish it wasnt over. :( anyways, its late already. once again, THANK YOU! :D nites. :)

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