Monday, April 14, 2008


just got back from my hometown this afternoon. it was really fun there. i will blog abt it next time, coz im freaking tired and there's freaking loads of stuff to do. == well, just to inform all of u out there tht i might not be able to blog for these few weeks coz there's loooooads of stuff for me to do like, hws, projects, tuitions, prefects and looooads more. sorry. :(
and anddd, there will be ir day on 26th April. make sure all of u come. okayy? its gonna be FUN! the more the merrier. pm me, to get more info. ok? :DD

btw, not to be perasan, there's this FELLA who is copying me and sandy. =X back off, dude! get a life. okay? :)

tata. :D

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