Tuesday, March 18, 2008


hey ppl! :D well today, there isnt much thing happen in the school. juz the same old stuff i did. i've got back all my results. i got staight A's but im still not satisfied with sum of my marks especially my BM. haih. oh well, at least i did my best. and one more thing, i passed my kumon exam. heeheee. :D im freaking happy. tried so hard for it and at the end i passed! so, now im in lvl K. hehe. met jun yip there. finally, there's someone to talk to in tuition. == but, its juz only for a day. sobbb.
tadaa! my brand new ans book. :D
btw, there's this probation called nishant. he bought me a J keychain. LOL. i dont know why he bought it for me, but THANK YOU! it looks pretty though. hehee! :D

ohh yea, since im one of the BOD in Leo club, i have to spread the news to all the afternoon session abt the IR day which is gona be on 26th April. everybody please come! the more the merrier! :DD okayy? hehe.

here's the leaflet. click on the picture to get a better view of it. for more infomation, u can called the number above or mayb pm me. okay?
tht's all for today. bye bye!
(im still working on the "surprise party" post and also waiting for priya to send me the pics. sorry. :D)

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