Thursday, March 13, 2008


today, sandy and meryl came to my hse. :DD
it was fun! :)

we played cards.

and the crystal babies! :D
cool ehh?

and CAMWHORED. iloveher.
the best among all.
see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.
our BIGGEST smile. :DDD teeheee.
at abt 7pm, they went home. bye bye. soob.
and, i went kumon. ==
failed my test. wtf. fyi, its sooo difficult. made many silly mistakes.
regret it so much. arghh. don't wanna talk abt it anymore.
then, went for a lil dinner to celebrate daddy's bday. :D
me and my sis made a card for him. heeheee.

my fav.

jasmine tea. (x
afta dinner, we sang the bday song. heehee. mummy bought a miny tiramisu frm breadtalk which cost abt rm45!

the side look.
the upper look.
make a wish daddy! [wondering what would it be.] :)
thts all for today. bye bye. :D
take care.

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