Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Big Thank You! :D

today, sandy, rissara, ruth, brenda, priya and kelsey had a surprise party for me. hehe. thank god i was awake early on tht day, so instead of they surprising me, i surprised THEM! hahahaha. take tht, people! =X andd, i cant believe they planned it with my sisters! :( haha. sandy, rissara, ruth and brenda were the early ones and who got surprised by me. LOL. then, there goes priya. :D sandy made this jelly thing which i ate it all by my own, cause everyone totally forget abt it till sandy called me. :) at first, we played cards. again. coz, tht's what we usually do. haha.
and here comes camwhoring. :D
cheese. :D
crazy-ness. bodos.
she loves her two boyfriends :)
ugly fugly.
ris! back off! she's mine. :)
the clown of the day. =/
another emo pic taken by me! (:
ballooooons! :D
yes, she does.
afta tht, at abt 12pm, kelsey came. she gave me this handbag as a present. THANKYOUSOMUCH! will post a pic of it next time. :) and then we went for lunch at sri damansara club. afta tht, some smart ppl pushed me into the swimming pool with my clothes on. :)
and there they go, pushing each other into the pool one by one. first, sandy, then rissara, then ruth, then priya, then kelsey and lastly brenda. brenda actually got the worst one. heehee. and we were SWIMMING with our clothes on. haha!
here are ths pics we took. :)
the GANG. (some are still missing in action.)
pfft. posers.
cicak woman. =X
queen of the day. :) jk.
tht's what friends are for. :) like she said, she's not too young for this.
holding on thightly.
afta tht, we dried up for abt an hour and walked to the secret recipe nearby. it was tiring but fun at the same time. when we reached there, we ordered some cakes. me and sandy shared a brownie. it is SOOOOO delicious. i can still taste it in my mouth, haha! i wan MORE! :)
she took the spotlight. :D
OMG! heaven! o.O

when we were at the restaurant, bren and kelsey's moms came to picked them up. its really sad tht they had to go home early. :( then, i called my mum to picked us up frm the secret recipe back to my house. we hang out, online and gossiped. and then, it was time for ruth to go back, then sandy and priya. my parents sent ris home. hehee.

that's what we did the WHOLE day. its sumthing simple, but i REALLY REALLLY enjoy it very much! thanks alot for having this party for me! especially to sandy and rissara coz u were the organisers! :DD ILOVEYOUGUYSSOMUCH! nobodycaneverreplaceanyofyou! and i really mean it :)

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