Saturday, January 12, 2008


okayy. here it goes again, my emoness, my complains and my crap. :O
its saturday and i did not go anywhere, but staying home.
finished up my hws and tuition hws. i still hav sum tuition hws which i do not know how to do, so im asking my uncle tonight! weee! they're coming over! :)
on friday, the same old thing happen again. as usual went to school at 11.15am. wtf.
and then had the prefects meeting, bell ring, duty, go to class and the best part reccess! and then duty again and study. ==
anwayz, on tht day, there was this perjumpaan rumah sukan thingy and as usual im yellow and they picked the WORST place for us which is the tennis court and it was so freaking HOT there. thank god i brought my tissue along wif me. lol. well, i got ajk post for the rumah sukan thingy. but, WHATEVER LA. i dun actually giv a dam on it. the practise will be starting next week on wed and im kina looking forward on it coz i really do wanna RUN although i suck in it. its been awhile since i last run. so, i guess my stamina would be really bad. :D
that's all for now. tata. :D

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