Sunday, January 13, 2008

ordinary and simple.

HEY all. lol.
i didnt go out today coz i was plainning to like relax during the weekends after brainstorming and walking for these few days. LOL.
guess wat? i've alrdy finished reading the book tht riss borrowed me. yay! lol. didnt noe i took less than a week to finished them. at first, i was so addicted to the story and i keep on reading and reading before i sleep and the next thing i noe was i finished the story! weee! hooray for mee! im being lame. == anywayz, lame is much more betta then cool, rite? =X
i had not been talking to ellis for a LONG time and is really miss her. so, i decided today would be the best day. coz i've got no hws, no outings, no school and no tuition. so, tata. i wanna call her now. :DDD

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