Thursday, January 10, 2008

week of emoness.

fuhh. i've been busy busy BUSY for this whole week until today.
well, its thursday and its a public holiday. finally get to relax! weee.
im starting to get used to form two and prefects. :D hooray for me!

hmm, where shud i start? well, lets talk abt school first.
i had LOADS of homework! like abt 2 or 3 a day. ==
still left sej, sivik and also tuition hw.
i really do not like my sej teacher becoz she asked me and brenda to change place! wtf la.
im getting used wif tht place and now she's asking me to change to the other end! and if i do,
i wont be sitting near sandy and ris! wtf wtf wtf!!!! argghh. and ill be sitting really close to HER! arghhh! why must there be problems coming after each other!!! wtfff laaa! sigh. whatever la. at least there's still brenda.

oh yeaa, today is her birthday! wtf! and guess wat? i wished her yst! omggg weyy! i wished her!!! pfttt. im crapping too TOO much.
btw, ive juz found out tht fii is moving school and rach just joined fokus minda. lol. im being lame. bye bye fii. im gona miss u. :(

erm, not to forget. rissy giave me this lil bag when she went for her holz. thanks riss!and also borrowed me a storrybook! thanks AGAIN! wee. but i dont know whether i could finish it as soon as possible coz ill be pretty busy. but ill try to finished it. okayy? :D

well, i gtg. gotta finished up my hw. tata! loves, me. :)

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