Thursday, December 27, 2007

my lucky star. :D

i'm currently addicted to a taiwan drama called my lucky star. LOL.
well, i watched it on 8tv coz i did not buy the cd. but my mommy gona buy it soon! and im gona watch it! x) i didnt watch it frm the first episode, coz i didnt noe there's such drama. =X when i once watch it, first thing which came into my mind is, the guy is so CUTE! weeee! lol. and then, it was funny and romantic at the same time. at the end, im addicted to it! yayyy! three cheers for ME! :D
well, i surf on the internet abt the show coz i've got nth
much betta to do.
i found out tht the chinese name of the show is called "Fang Yang De Xing Xing." haha.

and, his name is JIMMY LIN! he looks extremely CUTE!! :D

they look so sweet together! :]

tht's all i could say abt this drama. it's a must to watch this drama. okayyy? it's sad, romantic, and funny! heeeehee! :DD

btw, i youtubed sum trailers of this drama and it made me cried. == it's really a sad show!

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