Sunday, September 9, 2007


alright. its blogging time! =]
well, saturday i did not do anything much.
went to hospital to visit my sis cause of sum personal problems.
did hws and studied the whole time! urggh. was boring but hafta coz exams are coming.==
sunday, nth much too. didnt really went out.
juz went for praying. x]
watched high school musical 2 at 7.30pm.
gone crazy of the dance and the songs. and also the actors and actresses! haha.

sweeeet part of the movie!! teehee!

love his EYES!! =] admired them the whole time.

her voice was suuuuper sweeeet. like leon said, VANESSA FOREVER! haha.

tht's all for now. bye! x] hsm2 rocks!

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